You’ve Landed a Job! What Happens Next?

It has finally happened, and you have been given a start date for your next job! Before you start celebrating the great news, American Labor Services would like to share a few tips to help you make an positive impression on your first day at work.

“The job process isn’t over when you receive an offer,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “While it is nice to relax after an extensive job search, candidates should focus on nailing their first weeks on the job to help ensure continued employment.”

To help you navigate your first days on the job, we encourage you to read our suggestions below:

Research the company
It is important to research the company you will be joining to help you draw insights about its company culture and structure. This information could help you avoid awkward situations with your new co-workers or supervisors.

Plan your first day outfit ahead of time
An inappropriate attire or wardrobe malfunction could sour your first day at work. Plan what outfit you’ll wear on your first day to avoid any unexpected issues.

Have a transportation plan
Arriving late to work is never a good idea. Prevent travel delays by planning your route in advance, knowing where you will park, and giving yourself enough time to arrive.

Take it easy the night before your first day
Having a restful sleep is associated with improved learning, alertness, and productivity — benefits that can help employees have an amazing first day at work.

While it can be exciting to join a new company, it is important for employees to recognize that preparation is the key to success. Call our toll-free number at 1-844-967-5257 to learn about available job opportunities and to be connected with local employers today.

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