U.S. Job Market Intensifies

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American Labor Can Help Your Business

Grow in a Tightening Job Market


The job market reached a turning point at the beginning of 2019 that could spell trouble for small and large businesses. For the first time since the government began tracking employment turnover, The U.S. Department of Labor announced there were more jobs than people available. As a staffing agency that is committed to finding talented and qualified employees, American Labor Services would like to share the key reasons why local businesses should turn to American Labor for their staffing needs.

“It is no secret that there is a shortage of workers in almost every industry,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “Employers have had to highlight their company culture to attract good employees while balancing the productivity of their current operations.”

Statistics suggest that 1.1 million jobs will remain unfilled at the current rate, which will impact the services and products businesses can offer. Nevertheless, hiring managers will spend a considerable amount of time trying to recruit the 6.5 million people looking for jobs instead of focusing on other important business matters.

With the competition for employees intensifying, here are the top reasons your business should consider working with American Labor:

  • We free up administrative costs related to human resources and payroll
  • Our pool of qualified candidates only need minimal training
  • American Labor can provide short/long term solutions that reduces costs associated with overtime pay
  • American Labor reduces your business’ costs by taking care of employment claims and the screening process.
  • Hiring American Labor staff reduces state and federally mandated personal costs

American Labor has the resources, staff, and experience to help your business grow. With office locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, American Labor is positioned to help improve your business’ productivity. If you are interested in working with American Labor, call our offices at 401.272.9300.


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