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Promotes Two Staffers to Managerial Roles

PROVIDENCE, R.I (March 12, 2019)— With a continued commitment to hire, train and foster the professional growth of its workforce, American Labor Services has recently promoted Tiffany Connors and Tilly Rodrigues to the roles of Assistant Manager at their respective locations.

Tiffany Connors Assistant Manager, Mass. Offices

Connors, who will help manage the Massachusetts offices, and Rodrigues, who will share the same responsibilities at the Rhode Island offices, will both work under the direction of Lorraine Green, the Operational Manager at American Labor Services.

“We have made significant headway in creating a robust team that is highly effective. Tiffany and Tilly have shown great resourcefulness, dedication, and work ethic that will be valuable in their new roles,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services.

Green says that their familiarity with issues that impact Rhode Island and Massachusetts employees will undoubtedly help improve American Labor Services’ efficiency.

“Understanding the obstacles employers or employees face is an important component in knowing how to accomplish our mission. Tiffany and Tilly will be able to provide higher level administrative functions because they work with candidates from the start.”

Tilly Rodrigues Assistant Manager, RI Offices

As part of their role, Connors and Rodrigues are expected to promote employee retention, increase productively, and find more qualified job seekers.

“I’m excited to have been selected for this exciting new role,” Rodrigues said. “Working with Lorraine these past few weeks has helped me grow other key skills in this field.”

Connors shared Rodrigues’ enthusiasm for the professional development that she has also gained. “Helping manage a staffing agency comes with its fair share of challenges, but I am confident that I will continue to grow professionally under the guidance of Lorraine and Ben.”

American Labor Services

American Labor Services is a staffing agency that has worked with employers throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts for over 30 years. The agency has built a reputation for maintaining a vast pool of qualified job candidates, and providing staffing solutions to large and small employers on a timely basis.

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