These Employee Traits are a Ticket to Long-Term Employment

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Here are some qualities employers want to see

The latest statistics on unemployment rates from the U.S. Department of Labor indicate the economy has reached a level not seen since 2001, according to Reuters. Analysts are confident that job creation, inflation, and wage growth will remain steady for the foreseeable future, but there is a widespread sentiment in the public sphere that finding a reliable, full-time job is difficult. If you are looking for a job to support your family, American Labor would like to share some advice that will make you stand out in a crowded applicant pool.

American Labor prides itself on providing reliable staffing solutions to employers throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We work with clients from a range of industries, and help them fill temporary, long-term, or permanent positions.

To ensure that we selected the ideal candidate for a posted job, here are some of the top qualities we look for in potential employees.

Motivation/Good Work Ethic

An employee who demonstrates good work ethic is invaluable to both American Labor and our clients. Examples of good work ethic include coming in on time, staying later if necessary, and being productive while on the clock. These actions will not only help you build a lasting relationship with your employer, but you will become more indispensable in a competitive job market.

Clean Record

American Labor performs a thorough background check on every potential employee. Companies and staffing agencies have been performing these checks for years to help ensure that a candidate is a good fit for the company culture and to ensure companies that a potential employee’s lifestyle will not interfere with their assigned duties.


Many of the industries that we serve may request that employees stay for longer hours or for weekend shifts. For this reason, we place a high value on a potential employee’s flexibility during the hiring process and it may even lead to higher wages.

Prior Experience

In some of the positions we provide staffing solutions for, prior experience can be a deciding factor in the hiring process. It also initiates a seamless transition for both the applicant and the employer. In some cases, prior experience may also allow for an increase in an employee’s pay rate.


Candidates who have prepared a resume are more likely to be competitive for the positions we seek to fill. When employers have various applications on their desk, a strong resume can provide insights into a candidate’s strengths and experiences.

American Labor is committed to helping companies find the right employees to meet their staffing needs. We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals. If you have the qualities we outlined above, we want to hear from you. Learn about our openings by calling 401.272.9300 or visit

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