The Benefits of Using a Temporary Staffing Service

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If you are in the business of hiring employees, you know what a time-consuming process it can be.  A temporary staffing service can be a great option to save your company precious time and money. A reputable staffing service provides proper screening and testing so you don’t have to.  They should comply with all Federal and State Immigration and Naturalization Laws, as well as offer ACA Health Coverage, guaranteed workmen’s compensation, liability and bonding insurance for the labor supplied.  It is also important to learn about you and your business prior to any job by taking the time to understand the operation and needs of your company.

Temporary workers can improve productivity by handling work overload and preventing full-time staff to burnout or become fatigued. While your staff can continue to focus on their main tasks, temporary employers can handle the extra work load to prevent any mistakes from your full-time employers. Utilizing a staffing firm can allow your company to test out workers that you may wish to hire at a later point.

Other items that must be considered are Worker’s Compensation claims, the staffing firm takes care of filing the claim and carries the burden of the cost, keeping your company mod rating low. This in return reduces burden costs and expensive overhead. This will also benefit your company by lowering personnel count, reducing costs, saving you significant expense of benefits.  

A big benefit of using a staffing firm is when layoffs occur, the staffing firm handles the unemployment claims for their employees, keeping your company’s unemployment rate low and unaffected.

A successful temporary staffing service will always have an extensive pools of qualified and motivated individuals ready to provide top-notch employee support on demand.  

Businesses and jobs that could benefit from temporary staffing include; Manufacturing, General Business, Hospitality, Executive Professionals, Technical Professions, Administrative, Trucking, Manufacturing, light industrial, warehouse, shipping and many more.

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