Respect in the Workplace is a Two-Way Street

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Consider implementing these policies for improved productivity and retention


Respect in the workplace not only improves worker productivity, but it has been shown to improve job satisfaction and retention. As employers grapple with keeping talent amidst a tightening labor force, American Labor Services would like to share strategies to help foster a positive, respectful workplace that can benefit any company’s bottom line.


“Everyone has a right to go to work and feel respected,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “There is a fine line between joking around with co-workers and saying something that is culturally insensitive. Unfortunately, by the time supervisors get wind of an issue, an employee has already left or a verbal argument has already happened.”


A survey that examined whether employees felt respected in the workplace found that more than half of the respondents reported feeling disrespected at their jobs — which had a significant impact on those employees’ health and well-being, work engagement, and retention. As the workforce becomes more racially diversified in the decades ahead, employers can take affirmative steps to promote respect in the workplace that can help everyone feel more valued.


Here are some ways to create inclusive workplaces that employees will appreciate, and that could help attract the right job candidates.


Recognize Cultural Differences

Employers can help promote positive environments by telling its employees to be cognizant of a co-worker’s culture and to be careful about saying things that could embarrass them or create an uncomfortable situation.


Hold Supervisors to a Higher Standard

Employees follow the lead of supervisors, which is why it is especially important that supervisors and managers show everyone the same level of respect.


Highlight the Contributions of All Employees

An inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels valued. By highlighting the contributions of entry-level workers and those higher up in the ladder, companies are showing their appreciation for workers at every level and setting a positive example.


Foster a Collaborative Work Environment

It is important to structure work in a way that involves others because it can shed light on errors or bad processes, but it can also indicate to employees that you trust them with bigger assignments.


These are just some of the ways to promote a positive work environment. At American Labor Services, we meet with job seekers every day who are looking to work at places of employment that will value their contributions. We encourage you to consider the factors listed above to help boost your bottom line, and improve worker productivity. Learn more about our staffing agency’s goals, mission statement, and values at

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