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American Labor to begin offering Employee of the Month awards

A recent survey cited on Forbes found that the most memorable recognition for many employees were typically ‘Employee of the Month’ awards. You may have seen these types of awards hanging on a wall as you leave a supermarket or retail store.   Employees will remember their recognition, and are likelier to stay with an employer for longer if they are selected. With an understanding of the benefits that appreciation programs bring to employers and employees, American Labor would like to share that we will introduce two employee recognition programs this fall.

“I feel that it is important to reward employees that are showing good work ethic,” said Ben Kaplan, CEO of American Labor. “Not only do employees describe feeling more appreciated and decide to stay with an employer for longer, but recognition programs may encourage others to come in early, stay longer, or take shifts that nobody wants.’

Beginning this fall, American Labor will offer two distinct recognition programs for its internal employees and temps (team members). Employees who are selected for each of the programs will receive the pride that comes with being called the hardest worker, alongside a $50 gift card.

The program for team members, who work for a variety of clients, will require feedback from employers for us to determine who should be recognized as the ‘Employee of the Month.’ For internal staff members, American Labor will recognize employees on a quarterly basis and through a peer voting system.

American Labor is committed to connecting employees with companies from a variety of industries. We are regularly looking for talented and thoughtful employees that are looking for part-time, full-time, or temporary employment.

Originally designed to help staff members simply feel more valued in the workplace, our idea for the employee appreciation program has evolved to improve the mutual relationship between employers and employees.

If you have questions about our new program or how to become involved, please call us at 844-967-5257.





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