Overcoming Interview Pitfalls

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Preparation is Key to Overcoming Interview Pitfalls

Whether you are an older or younger job seeker, getting a call for an interview can be intimidating because of the things that might come up during the meeting. American Labor Services would like to share how to overcome some of the red flags that may concern managers, and how you can put your best foot forward when addressing those concerns during your meeting.

“One thing potential employees should know is that an employer would not have scheduled an interview if they did not think you were qualified for the position,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “Job candidates’ number one priority during the interview should be to answer questions honestly while tying in their experiences to the current role. It also doesn’t hurt to show your enthusiasm for the position by dropping hints that you’ve researched their company.”

Potential employees will have an even better chance of making a good impression, Kaplan says, if they are prepared to answer harder questions. To help potential employees properly address those questions, American Labor Services encourages you to carefully consider whether the factors below apply to you and to use our strategies to walk away from the interview feeling good.

Gaps in Employment History

Certain reasons like having a baby, pursuing higher education, or taking care of a loved one are generally considered good reasons to take time out of work. Employees with less favorable explanations should discuss what they’ve learned from their experience, and any professional development that may have occurred.

Career Changes

A career change may indicate to an employer that you run away from challenges that are stressful. Job seekers should be ready to defend why they are switching fields, and place an emphasis on how their skills are transferable to the new role.

Arriving Late

Arriving late to any job interview suggests you don’t take the job seriously, and that your time management skills might be something that could be an issue in the future. This is an issue that can easily be overcome by planning to show up to an interview before your scheduled time.

Not Asking Questions

Managers say that one reason candidates didn’t get the job is because they didn’t differentiate themselves. Employees can stand out in positive ways by having unique questions about the role that also reflects your research into the company.

Dress the Part

Interviewers agree that how people are dressed may influence their perception of an individual. It is important that job candidates dress appropriately to help ensure that their clothes are not a distraction for more important discussions, or in any way a negative reflection of an employee’s interest in the job.

American Labor Services works with clients across Southeastern New England to find talented employees in the area. We are always looking for passionate individuals who are looking for gainful employment, and encourage you to visit our website to learn about new listings on our job board.

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