Make Community Giving a Priority to Boost Productivity

The latest report on charitable giving from WalletHub suggests that every state can do better to help build their surrounding communities. With the holiday season in full swing, American Labor Services aims to highlight ways employers can give back to the community while improving employee morale.

Research from the leading universities suggests that happy employees are more productive, and that monetary benefits usually rank lower than other activities in promoting happiness.

“It is not a surprise that volunteering and community giving make employees feel good about themselves,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “There is a mutually beneficial benefit for employers to encourage staff to give back.”

In recent years, large companies have incorporated programs intended to give employees the choice of how they would like to make an impact. Here are a few strategies that are easy to incorporate at businesses of any size.

Set A Company-Wide Volunteer Day

Identify the type of organization that aligns with your company’s mission, contact a specific organization, and designate a date where your employees have the option to volunteer.

Start a Dress Down Day

Employees enjoy the flexibility of dressing comfortably on a Friday or Saturday. Create an initiative that offers them that opportunity for a small monetary donation that could benefit a non-profit organization.

Support Programs like Toys for Toys

Supporting reputable programs like Toys for Tots can help your employees feel connected to the community. Consider hosting a toy drive that would benefit less fortunate children.

Make Matching Donations to Internal Fundraising Campaigns

Employers have an opportunity to make an impact in the community by letting employees know that their donations would be doubled. These types of fundraisers can also help build comradery.

Recognize the Volunteerism of Employees

Highlighting employees who have volunteered can help spur other employees to give back to the community. Employers can recognize these employees with an award and a modest ceremony or function.

There is no shortage of opportunities to give back to the community. Growing research and old proverbs make it abundantly clear that, “you get what you give.” American Labor Services remains committed to connecting employers with passionate and talented employees. We encourage you to consider these suggestions to boost your company’s productivity, and to develop a reputation that will attract the very best workers.


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