Look at Staffing to Improve Your Business’ Productivity

Count on American Labor Services for Your Staffing Needs

Customers expect to receive their product or service when they ask for it, and it can be a hard lesson for any business with ambitions to grow. With the average amount of time to fill a position now taking approximately 52 days, employers will find that it is increasingly difficult to meet the needs of your customers if you don’t have the right employees in place. In this article, American Labor Services is highlighting the benefits of working with a staffing firm and how it can improve your productivity.

“Filling a position involves reviewing resumes, performing background checks, and qualifying candidates for different roles. These tasks could drain an essential resource no business ever wants to lose: Time,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “The time frame to hire someone in today’s environment is even more challenging if that recruit leaves after a week, leaving companies at a pivotal time in their business cycle.”

Beside the time that businesses can save with a staffing firm like American Labor Services, employers could also see other essential benefits working with a firm. Here are the ways a staffing firm can improve your business’ productivity.

Employers Save Money

No matter what, employers must meet the needs of their customers and that could result in overtime pay for your current full-time employees. A firm can provide additional employees who have not racked up any hours, and businesses could avoid having to pay twice as much for simple assignments.

Avoid Administrative Hurdles

Filing out the needed forms for payroll taxes, unemployment benefits, and workers comp can take essential time away from your human resource department. A staffing firm like American Labor can handle these tasks to make sure you can focus on growing your business.

Broader Candidate Pool

Job candidates are likely looking for jobs in all the job boards you may not have even considered. A staffing firm hosts job fairs, posts jobs on social media platforms, and has a pipeline of candidates that could fill a position for you within a week’s time.

Ability to Adjust Your Workforce as Needed

Demand picks up at different times for certain businesses. A staffing firm can fill gaps in your workforce when you need it the most. Whether it is the holiday rush or an increase in production during the summer, American Labor can provide the workers you need when you need them.

Reduce the Amount Training Required

American Labor Services’ pipeline of employees increases the odds that we can provide you with an employee that has the needed skills and experience you need for a specific role. Whether you need someone with superb customer service skills or need someone who could operate a pitch fork, we have you covered.

With a commitment to help meet the employment needs of businesses, American Labor Services has helped support countless businesses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for over 30 years. Learn about our additional services by calling 1-844-967-5257.


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