Why We're Different

Top Reasons to Outsource Your HR

When we place an employee, we are confident that the individual is qualified to fulfill the job requirements.

Put simply, we help companies reduce costs and improve their bottom lines. How you can save with American Labor:

  • Reduce costs and expensive overtime pay by using American Labor’s temporary staffing solutions for short or long term increases in work flow.
  • Reduce unemployment and Worker’s Compensation claims. Staffing supplied by American Labor work for us, not for you. All claims become our responsibility.
  • Reduce administrative HR and payroll costs. American labor covers all payroll, recruiting and screening costs for our staff, so you don’t have to.
  • Improve the efficiency of your operation. Streamline your workforce to core levels and let American Labor supply additional staff only when needed.
  • Eliminate the training and lowered productivity of novice new hires. Save time and money by utilizing American Labor’s pool of experienced workers.
  • Reduce costs and manage the risk of a bad hire. American Labor’s extensive screening process includes interviews, skills assessment, immigration and background checks.
  • Add capacity and enhance productivity to your workforce. Hiring extra staff through American Labor to serve as assistants can reduce costs and frees up your key workers to complete critical tasks.
  • Lower your personnel count and save money on benefits. Bringing in staff from American Labor will reduce costs by lowering your core personnel count, saving you the significant expense of benefits, including mandated health insurance.

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