Payroll Services

Ease an Administrative Burden Through Our Payroll Services

Employers take on many risks when hiring an employee. At every turn, employers must carefully navigate through tax withholding, liability, and employment laws for each hire which could be costly if incorrectly managed.

American Labor Services can help businesses mitigate their risks through our payroll services program. Our staff can help you focus on your business by taking care of the administrative tasks that typically hold businesses back from being productive. 

From securing workers’ compensation to correctly withholding taxes to ensuring your hiring practices are meeting government compliance, American Labor Services will help ease your business’ administrative burden. 

Other benefits of outsourcing your payroll includes: 

  • Having a trial period for potential permanent hires
  • Reduced costs associated with recruiting fees
  • A stronger and more productive workforce
  • Vetted candidates, saving you from using HR resources
  • And minimized liability risk

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