Characteristics That Are Attractive to Employers

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When on the job hunt or preparing for an interview, it is important to consider the qualities you may bring to the table that are attractive to employers. To help you land a job more successfully, American Labor Services would like to share the characteristics that could help you secure a job offer.

“When hiring for a job, the employer wants to know how you will work with others and the drive you have,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “That’s why they will sometimes consider a candidate’s personality over their skills or education when making hiring decisions.”

The next time you are heading to a job interview, American Labor encourages you to keep these characteristics in mind:

Being able to adapt to a situation is an important characteristic to have for any company. Employers like to know that you will be able to tackle a variety of tasks, which is also a reflection of your capabilities.

Showing confidence in an interview can indicate that you can learn new skills quickly and use them effectively. However, there is a fine line between being confident and coming across as arrogant or patronizing.

Candidates must be honest at every step of the hiring process. Providing misleading statements or facts about your experience could eliminate your chances for the job immediately. Being dishonest can also lead to a termination at a later time.

Employers want to see candidates that are excited to join their company, but candidates should avoid making any assumptions. Instead of asking “when would I start the position,” applicants may want to say, “when is the selected candidate likely to start working?”

Employers look at several factors when making a hiring decision. While having the right attitude might not get you the job, having the wrong attitude can certainly eliminate even the strongest candidates. Call our toll-free number at 1-844-967-5257 to learn about available job opportunities near you and to connect with local employers today.

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