Appropriate Ways to Address Negative Workplace Issues

A negative workplace can have an impact on an employee’s productively as well as their physical and mental well-being. Occasionally, employees address workplace issues in a manner that damages their future employment prospects, reputation, and respect. American Labor Services would like to share a few constructive strategies that can help employees cope with negativity in the workplace.

Every year, millions of workers report incidents of workplace violence, according to the National Safety Council. Experts believe the number of incidences could be higher because employees don’t always report incidents of workplace violence.

“One of the main motives for workplace violence is to avenge a perceived wrong,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services. “Violence is never the answer to address an issue at work. We usually don’t see the culmination of events that led to an assault, but an employee’s job is to recognize issues early and to take positive actions from day one to prevent fights or injuries to others.”

Here are a few strategies to help you deal with negative workplace issues in an appropriate way:

Call Out Negative Behavior

Many individuals may not know when they made an insensitive comment. You could be part of the group or you simply overheard someone joking about a religious belief, ethnicity, or health condition. When those incidents happen, make sure you clarify why those behaviors are unwelcome and how they can redirect their energy to a more positive behavior.

Avoid Expanding the Group Think Mentality

Following the actions of others is easier than taking the higher road. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, you can help keep negativity contained by not being involved in negative commentary. The more people engage in this type of behavior, the more likely it is to spread at your place of employment.

Find Like-Minded Individuals

There is power in numbers, and if you’ve witnessed wrongs, it is likely that others have seen it too. By being part of a group that understands your viewpoint, it is more likely that someone will speak up when necessary and help make a change in your workplace.

American Labor Services is committed to helping match employees with employers. Our staff can help you appropriately address issues at your workplace to help you be the most productive and positive version of yourself. Call 1-844-967-5257 to speak with an American Labor Services staff member today!

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