American Labor Services to Host Business Breakfast

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Upcoming ‘Business Breakfast’

to Spotlight American Labor’s Staffing Solutions

Finding the right employees in today’s intense job market can be tough unless you have the right partners. Local businesses and organizations are invited to attend American Labor Services’ upcoming “Business Breakfast” on Wednesday, April 10, to learn about the agency’s staffing solutions, processes, and guiding principles.

“Employers looking to hire in today’s environment will see that the job market has changed, and that hiring managers need a more strategic approach to recruit qualified candidates,” said Ben Kaplan, President of American Labor Services.

The upcoming meeting will highlight the benefits of working with American Labor Services, and how businesses save money through its staffing services. “Whether your business is in the food, manufacturing, retail, or another concentrated sector, American Labor can help improve your operations by removing administrative processes that are costly and time-consuming,” Kaplan said.

A staffing solutions agency with more than 30 years in the industry, American Labor also intends to highlight what makes them special from other agencies. “We take the time to screen our employees’ work experience and skills, and we take pride in finding good fits with an employer,” he added.

Attendees will be eligible to win door prizes, and they will also have a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire. The event begins at 9 a.m. at the Annex Building, located at 95 Cripe Street in North Kingstown. Company representatives with offices in the Quonset Business Park are strongly encouraged to attend.

“Meet our staff, network with other business leaders, and, most importantly, see first-hand why businesses across Southeastern New England have relied on us for decades,” Kaplan said.

Make a reservation by sending an email to

Business Breakfast Details:

Annex Building

95 Cripe St., North Kingstown

Wednesday, April 10

9 a.m. to 11 am.



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